Thursday, June 14, 2012

Leave Emotion from Your Trade,

We are human beings, feelings, emotions anxiety, is the common fen-minon of our life so we have emotion related with our business too. As stock Market is moving with our hardly owned money or loaned money from banks or others we have always had some feelings towards this money. We feel cheered by uptrend of our script and feeling gloomy in down trend of our script. DSE is a market where in morning you can fly but in evening you will cry.

Market is always create confusion, it always moves towards uncertainty no one can be sure what is going to happen tomorrow. Sometime the Market condition break down the traders mind.Trader can make worse decision by selling out all stock by loosing patience. Patience is one of the most active fact in any stock market. Some time patience kill your opportunity and sometime creates opportunity. so have to be cautious regarding keeping patience, Have to understand when to show panic and when to keep patience. But for maintaining all this strategy trader have to leave his/her emotion behind his/her eyes. have to do in logic not
by heart. Take it as a game and accept your defeat easily, but always try to win by using proper technic and logic. I heard some time some traders are telling that this script is bad, this script is unlucky for me but issue is all script will be lucky for you, if you get timing right.

Every trend has a full stop as like every sentences. No one way ticket for any stock market Bears are not always winner bulls can hit anytime. In downtrend we do not know where is the target so wait till your eyes see target and go for trade. Do not draw candle yourself by imaginary fact and with x factor. Lets the candle be drown by itself. As long as trader can manage their heart with eyes and logic success will come there after.

M Rahman Emon

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